Senior dairy buyer, Budgens Yellow fats have been fairly static, but Budgens is outperforming the market. Innovation and promotion are key drivers behind any growth, including Budgens' own, and health concerns are affecting the market ­ hence extensions of spreads such as Utterly Butterly, plus developments in organics and probiotics. Organics have seen a major uplift. Yeo Valley's English organic butter sells really well. We stock the brand's organic yogurts alongside the butter for stronger presence on-shelf. Spreads such as Benecol have done well and have a high cash value. Another bonus is that these innovative products tend to promote and advertise heavily. Olivio has always done well and several manufacturers have jumped on the olive-based bandwagon. St Ivel's Scandinavian is looking good and Flora Proactive and Lurpak Spreadable have performed well. It's too early to assess the implications of the Arla/NZ deal. It gives them both strengths but there will be casualties. Yogurts and dairy desserts are up 34% at Budgens. We've been working on a category management programme to help cut dead wood and duplication to increase space for top sellers. Again, there's been plenty of innovation and promotional activity. Apart from Müller, which is constantly on TV, there's very little brand loyalty. Licensing will always be important, especially with kids' ranges, and we've recently seen the big confectionery manufacturers moving into dairy with products such as Twin Pots. {{P&P }}