Sir; Shopping in supermarkets is bad enough as it is without Sainsbury trying to make it infinitely worse with its latest advert. I've never been very keen on the unkempt Jamie Oliver, although he seems popular with some of my younger friends, but his latest advert plumbs new depths. He is shown racing around a supermarket with a trolley in a way that could cause a serious accident and would certainly earn any child a severe ticking off. Is this the kind of example to set, particularly in the summer holidays when stores are heaving with harassed mums and hordes of badly behaved children? Having recently returned from a particularly wearing visit to a supermarket ­ the aisles were clogged with screaming, squabbling kids and one toddler in particular who had perfected a long, high-pitched ear-piercing scream ­ I was not amused by Oliver's antics at all. Doesn't Sainsbury realise that young children love to copy their idols no matter how stupid or anti social their behaviour? E Richards Lewes East Sussex {{LETTERS }}