8 (9) Lucozade
Sales: £387.3m +2.7%
Launch: 1927

It’s perhaps not all that surprising that Lucozade delivered a 2.7% hike in value sales in 2012 - it was the ‘year of sport’, after all.

Volumes are also up -by 3% and brand owner GSK says the performance is thanks in no small part to Lucozade’s high-profile TV ads, featuring Mo Farah.

Another reason for the success was the October launch of a Pink Lemonade variant of Lucozade Energy. GSK says it generated sales of £1.6m in its first six weeks.

Despite the ‘pretty in pink’ performance, GSK said last month that it’s reviewing “strategic options” for the brand as Red Bull (no 16) is not only stealing share but is a genuinely global brand.