9 (8) Andrex
: £378.1m +0.1%
Launch: 1942

While Andrex’s rivals cleaned up in the loo roll category in 2012, the Kimberly-Clarkowned brand experienced a bit of a damp squib in 2012.

Flat value sales mask a 4.2% decline in volumes, suggesting that Andrex has lost out in the intensifying promotional war being played out between big brands and own label, while it tries to offload what commentators call significant overcapacity in the market.

Andrex isn’t going to watch more of its sales be wiped away without a fight, however. Dawn O’Porter is the face of a new £3m campaign, launched in January, for Andrex moist tissues Washlets and now the brand is dividing - or disgusting - the nation by asking whether we scrunch or fold