If there was proof needed that farmers' markets are good for supermarket business, then the Co-op in Coalville is it.
Staff reported being low on stocks because the market drew people from "miles around" to Coalville and they shopped the store.
However, it was successfully keeping the shelves stocked because the only out of stock was own label pork sausages. The store was awaiting a delivery, so apologetic staff invited our shopper to buy branded sausages for the price of an own label pack.
Sainsbury provided two of the three full baskets ­ its Brixham store coming in the cheapest, at £38.02, but not deemed the best because its fruit and veg displays had availability gaps and looked unkempt. The third full basket was delivered by Somerfield, Brighton, at a comparatively hefty £41.21.
Sainsbury's Hamilton store staff were polite and helpful which, taken with its full basket and easy-to-shop layout, earned it the star performer title.
Waitrose in Monmouth suffered the most out of stocks, at three, but the store was praised for its Christmas stock of party nibbles'. Somerfield in Brighton was immaculately stocked at 9am, ready, as one staff member put it, for the onslaught'.
Safeway was said to be showing its age in terms of appearance and failed to clear up a smashed bottle of wine for about 15 minutes.