Scottish wholesalers have teamed up with a trio of leading manufacturers in an initiative intended to help independent retailers sell more impulse products. The project involves three SWA members ­ Bellevue Cash & Carry, P&H McLane and Sweets Service ­ in partnership with Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nestlé Rowntree and Walkers. The manufacturers will supply industry planograms for the soft drinks, confectionery and crisps & snacks categories, and each wholesaler has selected six customers to take part in a 12-week trial. Half the retailers will have their fixtures remerchandised using the planograms. The other half will act as control stores. There will be three four-week promotions involving multibuys, linked offers and price deals with point of sale support. Sales will be analysed for the categories within the stores and for the overall effect on store performance. The results will be used to fine-tune a second stage. SWA executive director Kate Salmon said: "A lot has been said about wholesalers, suppliers and retailers working together but we are actually providing the framework for this to happen." {{NEWS }}