Only one shopper seeking the basics for a cooked breakfast at the discounters came away with a full basket this week. The lesson to be learned is that discounters may well be flexible on price, but in return customers must make allowances for pack sizes, stock levels and store cleanliness. Danish discounter Netto had signs hanging from the ceiling boasting that it was "52% cheaper", leaving customers with the question, cheaper than what?' Our shoppers' at Netto and German owned Lidl found that milk was available only in 2-litre bottles and that eggs were sold in metric tens, rather than the imperial dozen or half dozen. One aisle in Lidl, Mitcham, was awash with broken eggs and spilt flour, and at the Slough branch frozen peas covered the bottom of a freezer cabinet, from a burst bag or two. Motorists were taking advantage of the free car park at Lidl in Farnham, Hampshire, because the number of cars parked there was higher than the number of shoppers in the store. Kwik Save in Coalville returned this week's full basket, priced £2.58. {{GROCER 33 }}