The opening of a new supermarket is usually not a major cultural event.

Unless you live in Hollington, near Hastings, where the ribbon-cutting of a new-and-improved Tesco this week reportedly attracted most of the local population, much like when thousands of beer-bellied Geordies turn up in the middle of a weekday morning to welcome the latest Newcastle United manager/messiah.

Indeed, one enthused shopper told the Hastings Observer that "some people have taken the day off work to check it out" - quite a boast, considering Hastings has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. "It's massive, like an airport!" added the giddy shopper, who has obviously never spent eight hours in the single-seat departure lounge at Luton or Bristol. Or maybe they have.

Anyway, Grocer spies were fully imbedded in the old store and a brief vox pop suggested that for some in Hollington, life may not be about to change so much after all.

Asked where they would go while the store was closed for refurbishment, most shoppers admitted they had not actually noticed the gaping hole in the roof through which rainwater was leaking.