The Waitrose store in Saltash, Cornwall, has won the The Grocer Top Store award in a tight race this week, just beating Tesco. The victory is Waitrose's second since we completed our annual review this June. It is also the second victory for the converted Somerfield store, which also won our Top Store award under the Waitrose umbrella in October 2003.

The store was in great condition, cleaned and easy to get around. The staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and led her directly to the items she asked for help with.

Our shopper at the Asda, Shires Centre, Trowbridge found that the store had helpful, friendly staff and was fairly easy to navigate.

The Morrisons in Coalville was running low on fruit and veg when our shopper visited. She reported that there were plenty of friendly and efficient staff available to help customers in this well-kept store.

The Sainsbury's in Chesham had all the items our shopper was looking for, but she found the layout illogical. Some of the bread shelves were cluttered and inaccessible.

Our mystery shopper was impressed when she visited the new Somerfield store in Uppingham, Leicestershire. She said the store, which opened in April, had a wide product range for its size and was very clean and tidy.

The Tesco Extra in Stockport was clean and easy to shop when our shopper visited. He said that the staff were helpful, but not exceptional.