Sir; How refreshingly honest of Sainsbury chief Sir Peter Davis to admit that his company had been "far too arogant and confrontational" in its relationships with its suppliers (The Grocer, last week). I never believed I would see the day when a UK multiple chief would stand up and be so honest about relationships with manufacturers. Mind you, as someone who once regularly trooped into Stamford Street to sell products to Sainsbury, I have to say I agree with every word Sir Peter said! Meanwhile, we're assured six top chains are working to compile a new formal code of trading practice. That's great news. But it's also one hell of a task almost comparable to Bill Clinton trying to get the Israelis and Palestinians to do a deal. But the industry should not wait for the Competition Commission to force a code upon them. Voluntary schemes are the best way of doing things. Surely there's enough goodwill around to ensure this happens. Well done IGD for facilitating such an idea. If you pull this one off, it will probably go down as your greatest single achievement. J Harrison Kent {{LETTERS }}