Grocery was again the political football of choice this week. Further proof that the Tories mean business about getting into power: after years of accusations that Labour and Tesco were a bit too cosy for comfort, shadow chancellor George Osborne was this week outed as a Clubcard man by The Independent. Sir Terry would approve.

That came after the leader of Westminster's answer to Kwik Save, Lib Dem chief Nick Clegg, dusted off his 'trolleygarchs' pun from earlier this year to berate supermarkets over tax avoidance.

Elsewhere in gastro-politics, the weakest attempt to cash in on Obama-mania surely came from Halen Môn, aka the Anglesey Sea Salt Company.

It supplies salt to Seattle-based Fran's Chocolates, maker of the Smoked Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolates Obama is reportedly partial to.

"Barack Obama has given everyone in America and the rest of the world such a boost and the fact that he now has a link with Halen Môn is very special," gushed Halen Môn's Alison Lea-Wilson. "It's wonderful to be associated with the most famous man in the world." 'Associated'? With brass neck like that, she should consider running for office herself.