Tesco checked in two of this week’s six full baskets for The Grocer 33 and notched up the chain’s first Storewatch title in 15 weeks.
This week saw the highest number of full baskets for the new G33 list and the best full basket performance for our weekly survey since December 6, 2002.
Asda in Peterborough provided the cheapest full list at £38.80, pipping Tesco in Ivybridge by 6p. Morrisons charged £39.32, Tesco in Bangor £40.90, Safeway £42.16 and Waitrose £43.77. All these stores scored well for customer care.
Tesco in Ivybridge had a buzz as “jolly” staff fundraised for Children in Need. Despite major building operations to turn the store into an Extra, staff were helpful, polite, calm and kept the store clean.
The store also provided a full basket in our Spotlight on frozen food (see right), all of which went towards it winning this week’s Storewatch crown.
Tesco in Bangor provided the chain’s second full basket in the province in as many weeks.
Waitrose was the first chain to stock Nestlé’s new 9-pack two-finger Kit Kat (see Marketing, p47). The line will replace the 8-pack on our list and be phased into the other multiples over the next few weeks.
Overhead signs at Asda’s new Edinburgh store were “vague and difficult to read”. And the checkout supervisor’s attitude was blatantly condescending in response to a query from the till operator.