Having The Royal Horticultural Society as a landlord makes life pretty challenging for Sainsbury's Harrogate, but in a strong week for customer service it clinched our Top Store award.

At 65,000 sq ft the store is one of the biggest branches in the Sainsbury's estate and it was crammed with customers when our shopper visited. Despite the crowds, it was spotlessly clean and all 33 items were available, with staff replenishing stocks and helping customers.

The excellent service and stock control has been honed by 15 years of practice, according to store manager Andy Stanbridge.

Sainsbury's rents the property from The Royal Horticultural Society and the surrounding showground regularly hosts large-scale events that bring crowds of up to 20,000 to the store.

"For three days a year we close the store altogether for The Great Yorkshire Show, which is a unique pressure and a massive operation," said Stanbridge.

"On the Monday night we have to transport all the fresh food to nearby Sainsbury's branches and have it all back on shelf for 8am Friday. But staff have been doing this since the store opened 15 years ago and are used to the pressure.

"When I arrived three years ago I was amazed by how quickly the store was restocked and the strong sense of co-operation. The events are a bit of a curse but make for unbeatable team spirit."