Tesco is breaking new ground in kids' biscuits with the introduction of an exclusive line of characterised biscuits created by Bon Bon Buddies. Individually wrapped Rugrats Fizzy Wafers (£1.09 for a bag of 10) and Action Man Ration Bars (£1.59 for a bag of 10) went into all Tesco stores last month. The biscuits are targeted at kids between two and 11 for the lunchbox, party, picnic and sharing' market and, with parents in mind, are made with natural colours, flavours, and non-GM ingredients. The biscuits kickstart a new licensed food category in Tesco being developed in conjunction with Bon Bon Buddies. Licensing and design director Pauline Howarth says characterised biscuits have huge potential because kids consume a quarter of the total biscuit market, yet brands specifically for them only account for 6% of the market. The biscuits are the first to have full synergy with their characters, says Howarth. "This hasn't been done before because, historically, manufacturers have tentatively dabbled with licences, but failed to produce total product synergy. Our approach is set to grow a significant new category." Tesco has an exclusive sell period on these and other biscuits to be introduced in 2002. , after which time the ranges will be rolled out on the open market. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}