Housewives' favourite Richard Hammond is the star of Morrisons' new Christmas ad - and what an ad.

Hammond has decided to go to Lapland for Christmas to track down some festive treats. We see the diminutive one and his supermarket trolley being dragged by some huskies through the snow (the watching housewives presumably in two minds over who's more adorable - the dogs or the Hamster). But half-way there, he decides he'd find more of what he's after in Morrisons than Lapland, and gets the dogs to turn around.

Back in Blighty, the store is full of famous people, stocking up on festive food. The bizarre thing is that all the celebs pretend to be best friends. They are playing themselves, but in a strange parallel universe controlled by Morrisons.

There's that Irish gardener from those DIY shows. And look, it's Nick Hancock - didn't he used to be on telly? Then its over to the fish counter, where Richard has a flirty moment with Denise van Outen, who thought he was going away for Christmas. "I thought about it," smiles Hammond. Cue the pay off - a shot of the huskies waiting patiently for him in the carpark. Aah.