Irn-Bru maker AG Barr has unveiled a rise in first-half profits of almost 10% as chief executive Roger White insisted the group would meet its end-of-year targets despite tough market conditions.

Profits were up by 9.8% to £11.1m for the six months to 26 July, against a more modest increase in sales of just under 6% to £82.4m.

The results come after AG Barr, which also operates brands including Tizer and Rockstar, sealed the acquisition of juice group Rubicon last month for just under £60m.

“This has been the second summer of poor weather in a row [but] we have continued to see excellent top-line sales growth,” said White. “Our core brands have performed well and we have seen a strong performance from the Rockstar brand in its first year.”

He continued: “The combination of poor summer weather, volatile input costs and the generally gloomy economic outlook will make the balance of the year challenging; however, assuming the market doesn't deteriorate significantly from now, we anticipate meeting our expectations for the full year.”