Aldi is ramping up its promotional programme with the launch of a second weekly round of special deals every Sunday to follow its regular Thursday slot.

The new Sunday Specials campaign, which launches tomorrow (May 7), brings it into line with the likes of Lidl and Netto, which already produce two promotional leaflets a week.

The deals will cover both food and non food goods, helping to bolster Aldi's core range of 850 products. It had already been piloted in the Republic of Ireland.

Tony Baines, Aldi's managing director of buying, said: "We know that our Specials concept offers an exciting experience for customers as well as allowing us to carry a vast range of specialist products in the course of the year. By introducing new lines into store on a Sunday as well as a Thursday, we are providing even more choice and variety for our customers."

A spokesman for the IGD said Aldi was hoping to generate additional trade on what is currently a relatively quiet day.

"It has only introduced wide-scale Sunday trading over the past 18 months - and it needs to compete with the mainstream retailers for which Sunday has become a key trading day," he said.