German discount chain Aldi has a clear advantage over its rival Lidl both in terms of store numbers and store performance, according to IGD.

In a new report covering the grocery discounting market IGD said number two chain Lidl stands little chance of knocking Aldi off its top spot.

However, IGD said that Lidl would be in a position to “increasingly challenge” Aldi’s overall leadership position in Europe, should Aldi choose to focus more on its non-European development.

Business manager of international research at IGD Louise Spillard warned Lidl that taking on Aldi in its home market would be “a tough battle”.

She said: “Lidl is better advised to focus on its other European markets where it stands more of a chance to succeed and it may then overtake Aldi in terms of total store numbers across Europe.

“However, Lidl’s significantly poorer sales per store levels mean that it is unlikely to overtake Aldi’s total turnover.”