Haldanes has finished rebranding all of the 20 Netto stores it bought from Asda.

The stores have been converted to its new discount supermarket fascia Ugo, which is similar to Netto but offers a greater range of products and fresh produce. As well as the 20 stores, a further two stores previously branded as Haldanes have also been converted to the Ugo fascia.

The retailer said it now planned to “finetune” the offer and was currently offering £5 vouchers.

However, users on moneysavingexpert.com have already expressed their doubts over the new chain.

“Visited the new Ugo store and it was empty of people,” said one poster. “The prices are nowhere near as cheap even though it has all the similarities of Netto. People round here not fooled by it. I don’t think it will last long.”

Another added: “Some prices have tripled. Cannot see them lasting here with those price changes.”