A complaint accusing Tesco of misleading advertising has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. The online retailer Amazon objected to a national press advertisement and brochure for Tesco claiming that its prices were cheaper than Amazon's. The online retailer claimed the adverts did not make it clear that prices quoted were instore prices, and queried whether the prices through Tesco.com were cheaper than its own. In its defence, Tesco said the brochure and adverts made it clear the prices were store prices because the brochure contained a statement: Products and promotions shown throughout this magazine are stocked in selected stores only.' But the ASA considered that, without a specific statement in the brochure that Tesco.com prices could be different from those instore, readers could infer that prices from both sources were the same. And although a footnote in the advert stated that prices online might vary from those instore, it said the footnote was not linked to the main body of the advert and might be overlooked. {{NEWS }}