Analysts have poured scorn on the latest skirmishes between Tesco and Sainsbury over their respective price cutting campaigns. One said: "We see the same thing repeated every year, the supermarkets' price cutting blitzes and claims to be cheapest are of no interest to us." Tesco said it cut £70m off 1,500 food and non food lines last Monday, amid claims from the other supermarkets that since Christmas it had in fact put prices up on 1,750 lines listed on the web site. Tesco director John Gildersleeve said: "Our determination to cut prices, and keep them low, is helping keep a lid on inflation. Fifteen thousand products are cheaper now than a year ago." Sainsbury started a nationwide press campaign advertising 3,000 price cuts last weekend, which the company denied was a kneejerk reaction to the Tesco price cuts. Assistant md Sara Weller said: "We are continually cutting prices and are still offering more promotions than our competitors. For example next week 50 products will be on a buy one get one free offer." An Asda spokesman said: "All shoppers need to do to see we are best on price is to read The Grocer 33." {{NEWS }}