I'm not sure which of the above excited the colleagues most. As they walked around the store, cameras were out and sounds of ooh' and aah' could be heard as they harangued Asda directors about when the new features would make it to their stores. At the Games itself, the crowd seemed muted as we sat there waiting for the promised spectacle. Then, the silence was dramatically broken. A couple of notes into the jingle and the sharp-eared Asda folk were out of their seats cheering the commercial which came onto the stadium's screen. This promptly turned into an Asda chant, which nearly upstaged the obligatory Mexican wave and surprise appearance from S Club. You may think this was all the excitement Bogof could stand in one week, but day two, and there I was sipping my cocktail and celeb-gazing (Edward and Sophie being upstaged by Alistair McGowan) in the Games' hospitality area thanks to Cadbury. And who should I spot but Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy, accompanied by his brother. They had popped over from Liverpool to see his brother's greyhound, racing that night in the nearby Belle Vue stadium. "If it wins it will solve all our problems," quipped Terry. {{COUNTERPOINT }}