While the Christmas results from Tesco are sure to get acres of coverage tomorrow, the Financial Times returns to speculation over a successor for the “unusually laidback” Sir Terry Leahy.

Another high-profile boss, Aldi’s Paul Foley, also gets his name in the pink pages after Aldi posted yearly growth of 25% in the UK. The City bible also finds that Poundland isn’t doing too badly either, a fact that doesn’t escape the Daily Mail.

The Mail also eyes up Premier Foods’ debt reduction plans and, in classic Mail style, claims mouthwash gives you cancer.

It’s mixed news on the economic front. The Guardian flags up Morrisons’ plans for 5,000 new workers, but also notes the jobs under threat at Findus licensee Newcastle Productions, which filed for administration yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express exclusively reveals that eating healthily is good for you, as is not smoking and getting a bit of exercise once in a while. Who’d have guessed?