Who says romance can’t be cost-effective? That’s the message from Asda, anyway, which is hoping to woo cash-strapped Casanovas with its £2 roses for Valentine’s Day.

However, that’s still half a day’s wages for some workers in the South African wine industry, which ships hundreds of thousands of bottles to these shores every year. The Guardian investigates.

In a neat bit of opportunism, Tesco has snapped up a bargain truckload of Easter eggs intended for Woolworths’ shelves following the collapse of the high street giant at the end of last year. The Daily Telegraph reports.

It’s a quiet day for food and drink elsewhere in the papers, with the Financial Times taking a look at the state of play for two contrasting drinks giants – Diageo and Coca Cola.

The FT also mentions Tesco adding 100 new lines to its discounter range, although they didn’t know about Ocado expanding its own Everyday range. So you’re better off reading our version of the story, which has details of both.

And that’s pretty much your lot. Have a good weekend.