As well as reporting news that Marks & Spencer is extending the trial run of branded products to stores further south, the Financial Times meets the head of convenience at Sainsbury’s, Dido Harding.

Meanwhile, The Times has a profile of Unilever UK boss Dave Lewis.

The Guardian reports that sales of basic ingredients are soaring as consumers turn away from expensive ready meals.

The nation has not, however, lost its taste for booze. Minimum pricing for alcohol is the latest hot topic, with the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph among those to offer their take.

Elsewhere in the Mail, there is amazement at the liquid egg product that saves you from literally seconds of shell-breaking misery.

And there is horror/fury/outrage/all-the-usual-stuff at the latest efforts of one school to prevent its students getting fat on junk food at lunchtimes. But as one market closes, another opens… North Korea now has its first pizza parlour.