The papers all follow the same few stories today, exemplified by the Financial Times, which reports on expansion plans for Sainsbury’s, as does The Guardian.

The FT also reports on the not entirely unrelated pressure mounting on Tesco over its UK sales, but strikes a more optimistic note over the retail giant’s £430m rights issue, which seems to have gone pretty smoothly.

And the pink paper says commodity prices might not be set to rise as much as previously feared.

There’s a furore in the Daily Mail about ministerial attempts to bring in GM crops on the sly, but better news for the founders of Ocado, who are in line to pocket £140m between them when the online retailer goes public next year.

Incidentally, was first to confirm reports of the flotation yesterday when Jason Gissing dropped as an email.

And the Sun reports on a (presumably) dead mouse found in a jar of Asda curry sauce. There’s a charming picture with the story.