Lots of Tesco news and comment today ahead of the retail giant’s results later this week.

The Independent and Financial Times are those to a look at the top-line figures. The Daily Mail leads off the retailer’s plans for a full assault on the mobile phone market, while The Guardian is intrigued by the supermarket’s plans to expand its finance business.

The Mail also eyes up Tesco’s “baffling” policy of price cuts and has more fall-out on the Gordon Ramsay ‘boil in the bag’ fiasco, as does the Indy.

The Indy also has a big-picture look at plans by the G8 club of wealthy nations to help combat hunger in less developed parts of the world. So does the FT.

And over the weekend, The Guardian was bemused to learn that supermarkets now structure their wine promotions around the lunar calendar (or something).