Doom and gloom again on the jobs front today after meat processing giant Vion said it was axing more than 800 jobs across three sites in the UK. The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian are among those to take a look.

Pub woe continues in The Times after JD Wetherspoon ruled out any dividend for shareholders and “called a halt to almost all corporate spending”. It’s a sign of the times when the spiritual home of the ‘beer and a burger’ deal is playing so safe, although the company says it’s in decent shape and the dividend move is more to do with the strife at its main lender, Royal Bank of Scotland.

And there is more alarm over booze in, of all places, The Guardian, which links binge drinking by mothers to premature births.

Meanwhile, the price of cocoa has reached yet another new high, as reported by the Financial Times, so swapping those double-vodkas for a cup of hot chocolate might not be such a good idea after all.

And in the complete absence of any other news yesterday on the global political or economic stage, the Telegraph relates the heart-warming tale of one family and their new pet gecko, courtesy of Tesco.