The launch by Sainsbury’s of a new coupons scheme is being interpreted as the opening shot of a new supermarket price war – by the Daily Mail, at any rate.

And the Mail is up in arms over Marks & Spencer’s decision to axe its 90-day returns policy. Still with M&S, the Daily Express looks forward to this week’s trading update, with the Scotsman also interested.

There’s plenty more on the Cadbury-Kraft saga, as the Daily Telegraph, The Timesthe Mail and the Financial Times offer various takes.

The FT also reports that Tesco is in talks to sell off a further £400m of its property portfolio in another of those sale-and-leaseback arrangements.

The Guardian claims we’re all going to be drinking low-alcohol wine this Christmas duo to health concerns. Seems unlikely. The paper also reports on the high street return of former Asda clothing guru George Davies.

And over the weekend there was widespread interest in Unilever’s purchase of the Sara Lee personal care business, which included the Brylcreem brand. The Mail and Independent both had a look.