Tesco has Comet in its sights, the Daily Mail reports, as the UK’s largest retailer looks to sell more electrical stuff.

Ahead of this week’s trading update, the Financial Times says Tesco could be gearing up for a new push in the US. The Independent, meanwhile, predicts the UK’s largest retailer will trail behind its supermarket rivals when it announces those figures tomorrow.

And still with Tesco, the Guardian looks back on the Competition Commission’s decision last week to press ahead with its ‘competition test’.

Back in the FT, the SNP is feeling the political fall-out of its proposed minimum pricing plan for alcohol.

The Mail reports that own-label lines typically have less salt than their branded rivals, while the Daily Telegraph says breakfast is our saltiest meal of the day.

The National Trust is taking on Duchy Originals with the launch of its own range of home-grown food.

Britain likes its cheese stronger these days, the Mail reports, prompting a rise in sales of mature Cheddar.

There’s more woe for brewers, again in the Mail, as  two beermakers watch their profits dry up.

And over the weekend, the FT looked at the ongoing struggles of Stefan Barden to get Northern Foods back on top.