After The Grocer last week reported how Tesco (amongst others) is squeezing its suppliers yet again to drive up margins, the Daily Mail takes a belated look of its own – concentrating on the construction firms that develop the retailer’s stores.

Although the recession has ensured tough times for everyone, those retailers that hang on in there could reap the rewards of falling rents as rivals go out of business. Every cloud, eh? The Financial Times is on the case.

And the weakness of the pound could translate into good news for UK farmers, as their European subsidies – paid in euros – will be worth far more this year. So the EU’s not all bad, then. The FT reports.

The Independent reports that a discovery in a Texan antique store could have solved the riddle of how Dr Pepper was first created (but not why).

The Indy also debates whether or not soya is good for you.

And in one of those all too rare stories that warm the heart, news of strife in the family homestead for lapsed domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. Apparently her kids don’t like the food she puts on their plates – perhaps because of all the innuendo she ladles on to it.