The bloodshed on the high street continues, with Marks & Spencer the latest big name to wield the axe. Up to a thousand jobs at the iconic retailer are at risk according to the Daily Telegraph and The Times, while The Sun predicts that as many as 1,700 could go.

The Independent leads with the news that Tesco is under the microscope for using cheap deals on alcohol as “bait” for luring in punters. One of two separate investigations facing the supermarket concerns claims Tesco ran special offers while failing to ensure it had enough stock to meet demand.

The Guardian, meanwhile, highlights the plight of Europe’s pigs with some disturbing revelations about conditions behind pork production on the Continent.

Elsewhere, The Times and the FT note that Tate & Lyle shareholder Harbinger, the aptly named activist hedge fund, could sell its stake in the sugar giant – news that prompted a slump in Tate & Lyle's share price.

And after so much coverage of Woolworths’ collapse, it’s perhaps surprising that the closure of its final tranche of stores today passes with little comment. It’s your last chance to grab that fistful of cut-price pick’n’mix.