Asda has won its latest battle with Tesco after its rival tried to get an advertising campaign for its Price Guarantee banned by the advertising watchdog.

Tesco complained to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after a national press ad stated “Asda Price Guarantee we mean it! 10% cheaper or we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed.”

The small print at the bottom of the ad stated: “Asda price guarantee includes comparable grocery shopping only. Comparison made against Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons only…”.

Tesco challenged whether the claim “10% cheaper or we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed” was misleading, saying it implied Asda was always 10% cheaper than the named competitors.

In its defence, Asda said it did not believe the claim "10% cheaper or we'll give you the difference. Guaranteed" was a “lowest price claim”.

It said the ad did not imply that Asda guaranteed to be 10% cheaper, but that they guaranteed to give customers the difference on comparable grocery shopping if they were not 10% cheaper.

Concluding that no further action was necessary, The ASA said: “We considered consumers would understand “Guaranteed” in this context to mean Asda guaranteed to refund the difference if they were not 10% cheaper.

“We did not consider “Guaranteed” implied prices at Asda were guaranteed to be 10% cheaper all the time. We therefore concluded the ad was not misleading.”