Asda has completed the rollout of its TV shopping service with Sky Digital to all 33 stores picking online orders. The interactive TV service from Sky Active is seamlessly integrated into the Asda @t Home online shopping service, so that customers can begin compiling an order at home on TV and then finish it at work on a PC. Given customers are twice as likely to have digital TV at home than web access, extending Asda @t Home to TV was an "obvious move," said Asda's e-commerce director Sheena Forde: "No one is catering for these customers and the fact that almost all our Sky Active business is new business proves that." Sky Digital is available in over 5.9m homes in the UK. Although research suggests that TV shopping will overtake net shopping in the coming years, it has had a limited impact to date, and none of the grocery retailers were willing to reveal their sales figures via the medium. Home shopping at has been available to ONdigital customers since May, but progress has been fairly slow, said a spokesman. "The internet is still by far the most popular means of ordering. As with home shopping generally, I think a lot of people overstated the impact it would have." {{NEWS }}