Sir, Asda Dating, launched last month and matching potential partners based on their shopping habits, achieved the distinction of becoming a trending topic on Twitter last week. "Taking the 'bag for life' scheme a bit far now" was one of my favourite tweets.

There's great thinking here: most adults are driven by food and sex, so correlation between the food you like and a prospective partner makes sense. However, the thought in this case is not translated into 'bought' Asda Dating was a great PR stunt, but it is only a reskinned version of Asda has missed a trick if its online shopping site can see I like, for example, Heinz Tomato Soup, why is there no offer through for that particular brand?

Competition between online dating services is growing, so this initiative works well for UK utilising Asda's PR and customer base to drive traffic to its site. Maybe it will evolve and integration between the two brands will strengthen. It could certainly work much harder to drive increased basket spend on

Sarah Green, MD, Dialogue141