Asda has come under fire for demanding two charity groups pay one of its stores a share of the cash they collected from shoppers.

The Pontprennau branch in Cardiff charged Christian Aid fundraisers and a group of school children raising funds for a trip to Africa £100 each to make the in-store collections and pack bags for shoppers.

A parent of one of the pupils told the Daily Telegraph there had been no mention of a charge when Asda agreed to the fund-raising.

“Stores like this always talk about playing a role in the community – but then they want to take the money out of the children’s pockets,” she said.

An Asda spokeswoman apologised for the incident and said both groups would be refunded immediately.

“It seems this is an isolated incident where this individual store has asked for a donation from monies raised by the two charities in-store, which was then subsequently donated to Asda’s national Breast Cancer Charity.”