Asda claims consumers are trading up for Christmas by buying more of its premium Extra Special products.

The supermarket giant said consumers were looking to impress guests during the festive season – and compared its shoppers to the snobbish character of Hyancinth Bucket from defunct TV sit-com Keeping Up Appearances.

Sales of Asda’s premium food range are up nearly 30% in recent weeks, the retailer claimed, with premium cheeses, crostinis and red pepper vol-au-vents “flying off the shelves”.

“Embracing the inner snob and ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome is a trait often associated with us Brits,” said spokeswoman Jennifer England.

Other products performing well in the run-up to Christmas include premium bedding ranges, up 17% on a normal week, organic Earl Grey tea (up 34%), filter coffee (up 42%) and cafetieres (up 34%).

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