Asda has lost its title as The Grocer 33's cheapest supermarket for non food to Tesco, according to the latest results from our quarterly survey of non food prices.

The Grocer 33's fourth Non Food Report indicates that following a bout of price-cutting by the UK's biggest retailer, Tesco is now 62p cheaper than Asda for the same basket of 33 goods.

Tesco has slashed the price of its non food basket, which includes clothing, by 4.5% or £8.38 to £177.81 in the two months since our last report, when the retailer was £1.77 more expensive than Asda (The Grocer, February 4). Asda delivered the second cheapest basket at £178.43, £5.99 or 3.2% cheaper than in the last report.

Excluding clothing, Asda produced the cheapest non food basket but lost out to Tesco overall because its cheapest T-shirt was £1 more expensive.

A spokesman for Asda said: "With the launch of George Must Haves we're confident we can get back on the front foot."

Tesco, after three runs in second place in our survey, made more price cuts than any other retailer, slashing the cost of 13 products compared with Asda's seven, Sainsbury's four, and Morrisons' three.

Clothing, stationery and cheap electrical appliances were the main sectors to feel the brunt of Tesco's cost-cutting.

Tesco said it had bolstered its Value range. A spokeswoman said: "We check 10,000 prices every week. Customers know we offer the best value."

Sainsbury and Morrisons had the third and fourth-cheapest baskets respectively.