Asda has been quietly dipping its toe into the wholesale market with a website dedicated to supplying small care homes, nurseries and offices.

Asda Business claims to offer "great value bulk products at wholesale prices" including 840g tins of Heinz beans for £1.34, a box of 30 eggs for £2.98 and 10 cucumbers for £6.50.

A "significant proportion" of its customers were already shopping for small businesses, an Asda spokeswoman said. Many customers liked being able to mix bulk packs with ­individual items, such as a cream cake for a care home resident, she added. "It's a halfway house ­between buying big ­catering packs from a proper wholesaler and doing a family shop."

Asda Business is part of Asda's e-commerce site and, unlike most catering wholesalers, has no sales teams. Asda launched a corporate trade card in August to offer businesses up to 56 days of interest-free credit.

Last week wholesalers slammed Asda for selling a 24-pack of Budweiser for £11 a "dramatically" lower price than they could buy it for, they claimed.