Britain’s mums are most concerned about the rising cost of household bills, a new survey has suggested.

In a survey of 5,500 Asda-shopping mums, 70% highlighted utilities bills as an area that has become less manageable over the past year.

The mums surveyed in the Asda Mumdex rated the cost of living as the most pressing issue in the UK, three times more important than youth unemployment and four times as pressing as violent crime. Eight in 10 mums also claimed to have higher outgoings than last year.

Seven out of 10 mums said they are budgeting more now than they did a year ago and three quarters are regularly comparing product prices in supermarkets.

Asda’s Mumdex Panel consists of 5,500 Asda shopping females, all with children “across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic groups, regions and ages”.

Anne Longfield OBE, chief executive of charity 4Children, said: “Next week the chancellor has an opportunity to listen to mums and dads and put families at the top of his Budget priority list.”