Six ‘Asda Mums’ will keep election diaries for the supermarket chain, as a new front opens up in the battle for votes on 6 May.

They will blog on a new Asda website dedicated to the election, which will be launched later today.

“With our surveys showing accessibility and trust as key issues in the election, politicians will be anxious to focus their campaigns around a better understanding of the issues that are important to ordinary people,” an Asda spokesman said.

Party representatives will take part in a live Q&A hosted on the website, while Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will post videos pitched at shoppers.

The news comes after Brown this week visited Morrisons, while Cameron wooed workers at Warburtons and Bestway.

In a survey in February, 44% of Asda-shopping mums said they would definitely vote in the next election, while just 1 in 100 said they trusted politicians.

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