Tesco hit back at Asda’s assault on its online dominance by this week offering free delivery for non-food, including all books, CDs, DVDs and games,bought from the Extra site at Tesco.com.
Last week it offered 10% off all non-food.
“We are extending our Extra range online,” said a Tesco spokeswoman. “We have been gradually selling more and more non-food items from the site
and there is now a lot more choice in non-food for our online customers.”
Asda has been targeting shoppers with offers of free delivery in an ongoing effort to boost its online sales.
The number two retailer recently announced plans to double the delivery coverage of Asda.com by the end of this year to reach 60% of the country and introduced VAT-free CDs, DVDs and games to its site.
This week it said it had much more activity planned for its online business over the next few months.
It also said its current offers of free deliveries, now covering orders for as little as £30, could be passed on to online shoppers’ friends and family.
“We have only just started to build momentum,” said a spokesman for Asda.
“These are definitely exciting times for Asda.com and there will be a lot going on in the next few months.”