Asda has definitely put the roll-out of its in-store TV service on hold - despite rumours to the contrary.

Mark Fitzgerald, head of Asda's media centre, said that the level of investment required was the main drawback of Asda Live, which is currently being piloted in stores in York and Wembley.

"It's on hold because the level of investment is considerable," he said. "We are not confident that the costs of the technology equate to levels of achievement, but that may change."

Guy Vaughan, of RMS, which has been working with Asda on the scheme, said the two-store trial was designed to identify where best to position the screens in stores. In one, the screens were placed on central pillars in the main aisle of the store - the so-called 'action alley'. In the other trial, the screens were placed in individual aisles.

The results suggest screens placed in category aisles worked best, said Vaughan, with recall rates of 34% compared with 25% for those placed in the action alley. He said 59% of shoppers who recalled seeing a screen thought that it was very effective at informing them of promotions or deals - particularly when sited near the product featured.

Vaughan said one way forward could be to introduce small screens on shelves in aisles.