Asda has won the latest round in an increasingly bitter battle with rivals over its controversial Price Guarantee.

The Advertising Standards Authority today threw out a complaint suggesting that a television advert pushing the supermarket’s pledge to be 10% cheaper than its rivals was misleading. That complaint was initially lodged by Sainsbury’s.

In a further victory for Asda, the watchdog found a Tesco press ad attacking the 10% claim was misleading.

The UK’s largest supermarket had published an advert showing 20 items from the fresh produce aisle that it suggested were not included in Asda’s Price Guaranteee. But Asda demonstrated that 13 of the 20 items were subject to its offer.

Tesco claimed the ad resulted from an “internal communication error” and apologised.

“This is the ruling our customers expected.” said a spokeswoman for Asda. “They know there’s only one place to go for prices that are guaranteed to be 10% cheaper than the other main supermarkets.

“The Asda Price Guarantee is independent, accurate and delivers what it promises across 15,000 products.”

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