Asda has had to go back to the drawing board with its small store format after achieving only "modest" success at the first store in Bodmin. Asda deputy chief operating officer Richard Baker said: "The problem was, we tried to make Bodmin too much like a shrunken version of a superstore. Bodmin has been modestly successful without being outrageously so." In its second smaller format store in Cramlington, Asda has moved produce back to the front of the 30,000 sq ft store, cut down the non food offer and put back serveover counters to create a community feel. A third 17,000 sq ft format will open at Walthamstow in the autumn. Baker said it would probably take a couple of years to get the format exactly right, but smaller stores were key to its strategy given the difficulties in building larger sites: "We can't put large stores in all the communities we'd like to have an Asda." Most of the 60 supercentres Asda expects to operate in the UK will be conversions of existing sites, while some new stores will be built on two floors because of a lack of space. He added: "We have the smallest number of stores of the multiples, and there are many more markets where we'd like to see an Asda and many more customers who want us there." {{NEWS }}