Asda treats its staff no better than us

Julie Turner Departmental co-ordinator, The Co-operative Group

Sir; I work for the Co-operative Group and was annoyed to read your interview with Mark McBurnie, the manager of Asda's store in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester ('Glum to glamorous at Asda', The Grocer, 17 November, p17). I don't believe that Asda treats its staff better than the Co-operative Group. I have worked for the Co-op for more than 27 years and I am not unique. Indeed, a large number of my colleagues have worked for the group for many years. We are treated really well, have a good pension scheme and enjoy a discount, too, which gives us money off products and also acts as a Co-operative membership card. This means we also get a share of the profits. I am proud to work for the Co-op and all it stands for.