Asda is kitting out its vehicles with satellite technology that highlights individual driving styles as part of a push to cut its fuel consumption by 40%.

Technology from transport management company Isotrak aims to help Asda staff improve their driving efficiency and save fuel. Asda can use the information provided to track driver performance on fuel effeciency, with those whose consumption is excessive then trained to reduce their fuel usage.

Isotrak said it would also help Asda plan deliveries more efficiently to reduce the number of trucks running with empty or light loads, thus cutting overall road miles.

"We are passionate about sustainable transport. Isotrak's system will be a key enabler in helping us hit this target by running both fewer and friendlier road miles," said Simon Pearson, Asda's head of central logistics.

Asda said it had cut fuel costs by 23% since 2005 and aimed to achieve a further 17% of savings within the next three years.