Asda has widened the non-food pricing gap yet again, according to The Grocer 33 Non-Food survey.

Asda was cheapest for the third survey in a row with a basket costing £146.27 excluding clothes - £3.16 less than Tesco.

The gap between Asda and Tesco has widened since the previous survey in November, when there was a £2.56 difference between the two retailers. Tesco was second-cheapest this quarter, with a bill of £149.43.

Price competition is becoming fiercer. Asda has slashed £12.04 off its basket in just three months, excluding clothes, while Tesco has knocked £11.44 off the same items.

Last November's non-food survey revealed that the price of a 2-slice toaster had fallen below the £5 mark with both Tesco and Asda charging £4.44 for their cheapest toasters. This time around Asda has managed to chop off another 4p.