George goes to Germany Asda is developing its George clothing range with an expansion into Germany and the launch of new ranges in the UK to cater for women over size 18. George was introduced to the Wuppertal store in Germany in August and will be tested in a handful of stores in the coming weeks. If it proves successful, a major rollout will proceed in the New Year. Analysts said the decision to bring in clothing and increase the non food offering was a step in the right direction for Wal-Mart's German division, which continues to chalk up heavy losses. The UK range for larger women has been developed after research revealed women over size 18 are being ignored by the high street and have considerable difficulties finding stylish, affordable clothes, said a spokeswoman. "Asda realised that there is a customer out there who wants to look fashionable, but is being completely ignored on the fashion front." Existing lines have been expanded to cater for women up to size 20 while four completely new ranges have been developed for women up to size 24. {{NEWS }}