How do you stop those nasty Panorama hacks making a documentary about how you are endangering wild Tibetan porcupines, or Mark Thomas rummaging through your bins for evidence you are threatening the livelihood of the Amazonian buma-buma tribe? You create your own documentary telling everybody how wonderful you are, that's how.

This is what Asda has done with its 30-minute documentary 'People, Prices, Planet', which gives "a unique behind-the-scenes look at the company's operations". The film is split into six 'vignettes' that demonstrate different aspects of Asda's operation, from its sourcing of sustainable orange juice to its low-carbon egg production.

"I'm sure some will accuse us of propaganda or greenwash, but it's important to tell people what we're doing," says corporate affairs director Paul Kelly. "The media is weary of green supermarket stories, so we've found a different route to get our message out."

That's if anyone's watching. Unfortunately, while Panorama attracts millions of viewers, Asda's documentary is nestled between 'Liverpool, Capital of Culture' and 'The Super-six Shootout' on Sky channel 167. It may well struggle to get viewer numbers into double figures, let alone millions.